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I am having a hard time not posting every pic from this session (all 155 of them)! When Devyn reached out for an extended family session I was super excited to work with her and her family - but a little nervous as it was a big group. Two families, one with four kids and one with two, and two sets of grandparents. I also knew that the four kids were pretty little :-) However, once we set off for Mt. Diablo, I instantly relaxed as they were all so laid back it was easy! Enjoy!!

Frasier Family . Walnut Creek, California . Walnut Creek Family Photographer . East Bay Family Photographer

I’ve always wanted to shoot in this location, so I decided to do some spring mini’s here. I knew the green rolling hills would be beautiful at sunset. I scouted it out a couple weeks before, but it was even better for our sessions because the grass had sprouted with flowers, so pretty and wispy at the ends. It’s hard to believe the green will be gone in a couple of weeks! This family was the sweetest, enjoy!